HEART® (Mid-Size)



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The HEART® (mid-size) is a true invention for all types of hand held exercise. It elicits movement patterns that move your chi.


Ideal for Tai Chi, a Yoga prop, and all hand held exercise patterning.
Ideal for skeletal muscular system alignment and balancing.
Ideal for extension of the limbs in the joints.
Ideal to access the unique circular movement functional training system designed to create synergistic and functional movement
Ideal as a meditaitive movement tool.
Ideal for the unique partner and group connecting & teambuilding
Ideal for 1-3 min (short) daily workout/movement session
Ideal for portability

Ideal for making the HEART CONNECTION!!!

Beautiful, ergonomic and aerodynamic — it fits easily into a small bag or suitcase for travel. (8.5″ across by 7″ tall)

The center is designed to be the “third hand grip” and will literally
guide you through movement patterns inherent in Tai Chi, Chi-Gung, swimming (if you have one in each hand), martial arts, poi, or your own invented dance and free form movement.

Imagine having a bird in hand to guide you through it’s flight patterns.

The outer handles at HEART’s perimeter can be used for all of the same exercises as our large HEART, including partner and group circle team building exercises

Each of these HEARTs is a unique Art piece.
They are HAND-Made hand tinted and each one slightly different

HEARTs are cast urethane, made in High Falls, NY.

They weigh 10 ounces and are translucent — and glow when held up to light or sunlight.

** HEART is also available 3D printed from the SUNY New Paltz Advanced Manufacturing Center is PLA plastic. Though a first of it’s kind in 3D printing, this product is more fragile than the urethane and feels weight-less in use. It is idea for someone that is solely looking for the guide through the movement pattern.

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Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red


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