Paul Widerman is the inventor of HEART and company founder.

The idea for HEART hit Paul on Valentine’s Day in 2012 in Greenwich Village after seeing an array of hearts in a  health food store window.  After the “heartstorm” came the brainstorm — and years of product development.

Previous to HEART, Paul invented the revolutionary functional training system SmartBells®,  and founded Thinkfit® to make them while educating trainers and customers on the programs.

His work has been featured in the NY Times, NY Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Chronogram, Blue Stone Press, The Record, numerous News and TV shows. A diverse user base was created that included the US Navy SEALS, Crunch Fitness, Equinox, the Yankees, Mets White Sox, Stanford GSB Executive Program Nonprofit Leaders, the Kaufman Foundation, Benedictine Hospital Oncology Support Dept, and Pfizer’s National Depression Awareness Campaign.

He has led training and workshops at: The Omega Institute, Stanford Business School, Singularity University, Burning Man Global Leadership Conference, the Kaufmann Foundation, ECA (NYC and Miami), Health FOO, and the east and west coast bases of the US Navy SEALS.

Paul presents training workshops with the HEART products, and also in tandem with Biondolillo Associates’  Team Building Division.

The unique circular patterning  using HEART for solo training, and also to “literally connect” with a partner and group to make “HEART Circles”, are ideas Paul has developed and honed over the past 25 years. These systems of choreography elicit creativity, improvised movement, healing, and peak performance. Research in these realms is on the horizon in the realms of healing, healing with sound, spiritual development and neural plasticity.

On a lighter note — smiles, laughter and acceptance are almost always a result of using these products!

Paul is passionate about the creative process and intellectual property filing trademarks and writing patents himself. He enjoys sharing this knowledge and experience with young people along with other creatives, artists and entrepreneurs. Along these lines, he’s been dedicated to the Burning Man Project and community since 2007.

His interest in ovelaping the mind-body connection and peak performance from his career in amateur wrestling.

Wrestling Career Highlights:

  • Olympic Team Freestyle, first alternate ’84
  • National US Olympic Trials Tournament Champion, ’84 
  • Co-captain at Harvard college, ’82, ’83 (Asst Coach ’85-’90).
  • NYS high school wrestling champion ’77, ’78
  • Cerro Pelado Champion, Cuba, ’84
  • Maccabiah Games Champion, ’81, ’85
  • Olympic Trials Participant ’96 (oldest participant with Bruce Baumgartner)
  • Competed for NYAC, Iowa Hawkeye Club Team, Team Foxcatcher where he was the 3rd wrestler to leave the team following Mark Schultz and Andre Metzger in 1990. 
  • As an early adopter he took up yoga and eastern modalities of health and wellness for injury prevention, rehab, and as a way to explore the intersection of peak performance and personal growth. 

Paul now looks forward to launching HEART and growing the company.

Would YOU like to see your name below here with us?  We are currently looking to add people to this page 🙂

HEART Team Members: Yes, we are currently building our Team! We are looking for team members for the day to day nuts and bolts of growing the company. From trainers to CEO, contact us if this interests you.……….
YES. We are now currently looking for Angel investors with Heart for HEART. We feel it has to be the right fit and are looking for investors with an interest  on the Triple bottom line, social innovation through experiential modalities, 3D printing, creativity and improvisation, pioneering in the realm of mind/body arena through movement technology and the use of sound, light to create a “field” and also Big Data with the community we will create.  Our niche is not easily explained with words — it is experiential for each individual. And through this, one person at a time, we plan to make a true difference in the evolution of Humanity.We are looking for investment to finalize our product lines (hardware, software and advanced products), begin scaling manufacturing, create a “trainers program” and a marketing plan.