About Heart

Our goal was to make  HEART®
Beautiful  ~  Aerodynamic  ~  Functional 

A product irresistible to pick up, to touch and to use!

An elegant and simple 21st century tool designed to connect you to yourself – and to other people.  A way to rediscover the joy of movement.

A conscious effort was made to counter-balance the issues so many of us experience, and feel, using our phones, our computers and the effects from prolonged sitting.

We will be providing an array of content and “movement software” intended to help you enhance flowing circular and orbital movements while aligning yourself and grounding your center. 

As a tool designed to move your internal energy, the movements can be done with two hands on the outer integrated handles or use one hand on the central handle and have simple access to tai chi type movements.

Once you feel grounded and connected yourself, the partner and group choreography helps you “let go” and feel the power of connecting in flow state and without ego. To facilitate this beautiful experience for people of all ages and physical conditions is our inspiration for doing this work.

HEART® was invented by Paul Widerman and has been in development for the past three years (see bio for more info). After working with hand-made prototypes, Paul discovered 3D printing through the Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center (HVAMC) at SUNY New Paltz in NY. An in-depth design process began and numerous prototypes were developed.

Intellectual Property:  HEART® is a registered trademark, US design patent: D752,160.  A US and international utility patent is pending. All material on this website © HEART 2017.