“Get in Touch with your HEART®!”

HEART® is a beautiful aerodynamic mind-body tool designed to enhance flowing circular and orbital movements in all planes of motion. 

It’s unique heart shape and curvature – featuring integrated handles –  purposefully assists you to access the “mind-body connection.”

Without years of training  you can move “chi” and simultaneously develop your functional fitness .

How It Works:
HEART® lowers the inhibition and learning curve of accessing sophisticated movement patterns to foster mind/body awareness, and provide both the boundary and freedom to connect through partner and group work.

Through its shape and signature routines, HEART® is designed to enhance flowing circular and orbital movements outward from a grounded center of gravity.

Working with HEART® engages the body in a fun and joyful manner, and allows the mind to relax and be present.

Anyone, of any age or fitness level, can learn the simple patterned movements for solo, partner and group exercise.

Move Your HEART®!